What if we radically re-imagine assessment?

What if…

  • …assessment “tools” are only valid if they increase student engagement?  (Right now, most assessments undermine the learning environment, even while they pretend to be neutrally observing.)
  • …assessment is a 21st-century skill that can empower students?  (Hint: right now, we’re probably only teaching it to rich kids.)
  • …assessment with mobile devices can be a wedge to transform the classroom, giving students and teachers new power to see the learning as it happens, to negotiate the rubric in real-time, and to claim the resulting  learning as part of their own passions, with long-term benefits for student identities and outcomes.

Below are a couple of our projects.  Our research methodology centers on design research to illustrate and investigate what assessment can look like for 21st century education. These projects focus on student engagement, yet are grounded in the psychometric rigor of ECD. They seek to empower students with a more democratic framework and approach to assessments.

  • iPad Approach #1 — emphasizing user flows, data structures, participation, immediate outcomes
  • iPad Approach #2 — emphasizing student engagement, negotiation, longer term outcomes
  • More are underway, and will be listed here soon.


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