Our Team

Our team includes:

  • Adam Ingram-Goble:  Drawing on his background in systems and game design, Ingram-Goble is leading the app design and development efforts of the ECDemocratized team. He is currently finishing his PhD in Learning Sciences at Indiana University.
  • Yoon Jeon Kim: The resident Evidence Centered Design expert on the ECDemocratized team, Kim is a doctoral candidate in the Educational Psychology and Learning Systems Department at Florida State University. She specializes in designing assessments for 21st-century skills. She has also been involved in several projects that apply evidence centered design in video game environments. She is currently completing her dissertation on the use of game-based assessments to measure creative problem solving.
  • Ben Shapiro: As an expert on the use of classroom data to improve instructional practice, Shapiro assists with ECDemocratized’s efforts to create practical tools for classroom assessment. He is currently a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, conducting research on the design of participatory digital media for learning, focusing on tools for simulation and creation that are coupled to collaborative communities.
  • Benjamin Stokes: Currently a researcher and designer at USC, Stokes is completing his PhD on participatory mapping and real-world gaming.  Stokes is a co-founder of Games for Change, the branch of the serious games movement which seeks to advance social change.  Previously, Stokes was a program officer at the MacArthur Foundation in their portfolio on Digital Media and Learning.
  • Peter Wardrip: As part of the ECDemocratized team, Wardrip helps to support teachers as co-designers, learners and users of the app. Peter is currently a PhD candidate in Learning Sciences and Policy at the University of Pittsburgh.
James Paul Gee is our acting advisor and sponsor.


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